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1[255] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795
1, Cloudy soft day. (Thursday). I went to the Funeral of Mr.Erasmus Taylor, Mr Maury read the service. John Taylor got there this day.- There was a respectable company, mostly connections & neighbors- I dined there- I had planted a pear of Uncle Taylor's best sort this side the middle Walk in the Garden, and a pear of Maj'r Moore's sort the other side of the Walk,both small. [Erasmus Taylor died 19, Dec.1794- WKA]
2, About 3 inches of snow fell last night, not very cold and good day. I staid at home.
3, Cloudy & cold- snowed about sunset.
4, [SUNDAY] Clear & mild, windy. I went to J.Taylor's and dined, James Bell, Nancy Bell, Sukey Conway, Sally & Betsy Taylor, J.Pendleton's wife & family there, did not see J.Pendleton's family wife, She being confined by her situation tho mending. One of the young Sows and pigs last night.
5, Fine moderate weather. (Monday)I rode to Col Maury's & bought some Flannel & 2 hanks silk for E.Chew & myself. I met G.C.Taylor who returned with me to the store. Capt Conway was at Maury's store. G.C.Taylor & I came to C.Taylor's house to dinner- Mrs E.Fitzhugh, Suky Conway were there- Col Maury paid me 4/- for Davy's making 2 pair & mending 3 pr Shoes last winter.
6, Cloudy with some spits of snow, not cold. J.Taylor,J.Pendleton, J.Taylor jr, C.P.Howard, C.Taylor & G.C.Taylor dined with me. Wm Gibson came to see G.C.Taylor about Tom. Benj'a Hancock came in the night with a Waggon. M.Biggers delivered him 11 Bus Wheat(by my measure) being the last but 3 Bus' in the bag. I desired him to sell the Wheat in Fredericksburg.
7, Thick & cloudy, moist snow in night, not much. I went to a dance at C.Taylor's & staid till past midnight. There was a merry Companny.
8, Thursday, Cloudy & snow,but melted,does not hide the ground. I went to J.Taylors Capt Conway, Col Maury,C.Taylor,G.C.Taylor,J.Pendleton,Wm Daingerfield of Belvidere, dined there- Mr Daingerfield says he left Lexington about the middle of last month & did not hear that my brothers had arrived in Kentucky- Wm Dade & J.Bell came to J.Taylor's in evening. I left them there.
9, Cloudy,with mist or small rain all day. mild.
10, Cleared before noon, cool evening.
11, Cloudy & cold, sharp frost in morning. Benjamin Hancock returned & gave account of the Wheat he took the 6th instant 9 23/60 Bushels which he sold for 58/8- he deducted 94 for the carriage & paid me 49/4. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner, J.Pendleton was gone to Culpeper,his whife &c & Nancy Gaines beside their own family were there. --[SUNDAY]--
12, Monday, Very cold- a little hazy. Mr Coleman came here about noon: I told him it will not be convenient to board him here.
13, Hard frost, Cloudy morning, some spits snow, fair evening and more moderate.
14, Sharp frost, a little shower of snow in the evening & a little rain in night. Froze
15, Some spits snow & a good deal of rain in the afternoon. Snow in night cov'd the earth. J.Taylor jr & Cha's Bell went by to hunt. I rec'd a parcel of Newspapers but no letter from Norfolk.
16, Flying clouds and fair, cool.I went to Mr T.Bells. Wm Dade & wife, Misses Waatkins & Alexander, Wm Madison, L.Throckmorton, Hay Taliaferro jr, John Pendleton Henry Pendleton, J.Taylor,C.Taylor,G.C.Taylor, J. Taylorjr, Sally & Betsy Taylor were there. I came away about sunset with Sally and Betsy Taylor- have not been so well as usual.
17, Saturday, Some flying clouds-fair evening. I went to C.Taylor's- The company who were at Mr Bell's yesterday (except H.Taliaferro jr) were at C.Taylor's also James Bell & J.B.Pendleton- I did not get home till past 11 o'clock.
18, [SUNDAY] Very cold morning- clear day.I went to J.Taylor's-John Pendleton,Henry Pendleton & Nancy Gaines there. J.B.Pendleton went to Culpeper & J.Taylor jr rode from home. Robert Coleman(S.master) dined there.
19, Hard frost and very clear. I remaimed at home. The pied Cow had a female calf.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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