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26[248] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1794, 1794,
11, Thursday, Mild weather, smoky. I sent to Mess'es Barbour's store & got 2 Gal's Whiskey. J.Taylor & his two little boys came here in evening to get Davy to make shoe for. C.Leathers finished working at M.Biggers's having been there 4 days.
12, Smoky, mild some clouds. M.Biggers went with the Cart to Herndon's Mill and got slabs for floor &c to this house. J.Taylor jr & Charles Bell came here; I went with them over the Mountain with Dogs & Guns- We caught a hare, Killed a pheasant, and J.Taylor caught a fat Doe without shooting, in Langham's field. Ch's Leathers called on me in the morning. I paid his 9/- for working on M.Biggers' house 4 days at 2/3.
13, Mild weather. I rode to Court house, Saw John Taylor's wife going to Rockingham. She said Uncle Taylor was much weaker than he has been. I came home to dinner.
14, Sunday, Moderate weather. I went to J.Taylor's, T.Barbour's wife & children(who came from Culpeper yesterday), Nancy Gaines & E.Chew were there & Sally & Judy Burnley.
15, Cool cloudy morning, milder evening. Mr.D.P.Howard & J.Taylor jr came here, we went a hunting and then to J.Taylor's to dinner. Wm Dade, The Proctor, Gab'l Barbour, T.Bell (C.H.) John Langham, C.Taylor, his wife & some of the children T. Barbour jr's family & Nancy Gaines dined there. About sunset, J.Pendleton & family got there just as I came off, Joe Clark having called with his waggon. I got Jos Clark to take two parcels 45 & 29 lb Tob'o to sell or exchange at Fred' for German ozn'a, a Dutch blanket, a loaf oF Sugar & a jug of Rum, or leave at Mess'rs Blairs if he cannot dispose of it.
16, Cloudy, warm & some rain. I staid at home. Had the Wheat tailings cleaned, about 7 1/2 Bus' very sorry grain. Run the Wheat in Cellar through the an, about 11 1/2 Bu F.T. took 3 1/2, M.B. 3 Bushels.
17, Warm and fair. Wednesday, J.Taylor jr, John Pendleton & C.Taylor dined here- Henry Wood came here to let J.Taylor know he should Kill his hogs tomorrow, J.Taylor having agreed to buy of him- I enquired his price, which is 30/ per {cent sign cent?].
18, A little white frost warm & fair day. Heard that Uncle Taylor was thought dying. I staid at home. M.Biggers work on stable. E Chew's Hannah got 3 1/2 yds Kersey for Petticoat,being some I had from Blairs.
19, Rain began before day & cont'd moderate all day. warm. I inspected my Port & had it rubbed with salt. Uncle Taylor died sometime last night in 80th year-[Erasmus Taylor, son James 2nd born Sept 5,1715-WKA]
20, Cleared in last night, clouded about sunrise and warm rainy day.
21, [SUNDAY] Rain Snow last night, the eath covered this morning, some spits snow to day & cooler. I went to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton's family & E Chew were there. J.Pendleton's wife unwell. I came by C.Taylor's, he was from hone, left a letter i rec'd from G.C.Taylor.
22, A little shower of snow early in last night & cleared. Smart frost but fine day and mild.I paid M.Biggers 1/6 for Mrs Stewart for alter'g breeche- M.Biggers had 3 Bus'Wheat which he car'd to Mill. I sent Ben with one Bus' do for Negroes I went to Court- Rec'd of Wm Edwards $55.12.6. to Credit his bond to G.Taylor's Estate, he paid me at same time 7/8- I had paid Sheriff for Land Tax. I paid Wm Gibson for C.Conway, by his verbal order,($44.4.5 & 6/10)$44.11.3 which was owing from W. Taylor for a negro he bought of C.Conway & W.Taylor was charged with the money. (the 6/10 was interest since 27th Oct'r.)James Barbour jr paid me 16/- to Credit Mildred James with the Estate of G.Taylor dec'd. F.Taylor pd 12/- to Cr M.James for T.Doolin. Abner Porter paid 15/- & F.Taylor 15/6 to Cr. do. I settled my account with A.Porter.
23, Smart frost, Very fine day. I rode to Court house, ret'd to dinner. Sent money 6/3 &got 3 quarts rum at Banks'
24, Very fine weather. I was very unwell last night & to day- took some Ipecac.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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