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2 [190] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1792, 1792, January, 15, [SUNDAY] Clear day and still tho' cool- Went with my father to James Taylor's to the Funeral of his son Henry- about twenty of the neighbors (chiefly relatives) were there. Capt Burnley & wife, John Taylor's wife, Mrs James- J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour & do. Harry & Bowie Pendleton, my father & I dined there. 16, Weather continues cool and clear- J.Leathers jr was here & told me Mrs Mallory wanted some yarn to finish a pair Stockings she is knitting, I sent a Ball yarn- We staid at home. 17, Cloudy morning- Cleared in the evening & changed mild- Abner Watson with Ab'm Smith's Waggon brot 3 bus Salt, some Iron & Steel from Blair's. The load he car'd last measured only 38 [?] Bushels- Takes now 45 by our measure- Wrote by him to B.Taylor. 18, Began to Snow before day and continued all day- the wind low & from the South- the Snow only 2 or 3 inches deep on the old, which had not much sunk. 19, Clear weather, last night the wind blew high and drifted the snow a good deal- 20, Clear weather and not quite so cold as has been. Mr.T.Bell sent here for some brandy & to ask us to dine with him- We went- Maj'r Moore and family, Mrs Throckmorton & sons- Reu Taylor, J.Pendleton jr, Col J.Barbour's daughter Polly, were there- 21, Last night was not so cold as since the 10th instant, but was freezing- Snow began about 10 o'clock, but only a few spits, the weather Cloudy all day and not very cold. J.Pendleton & C.Taylor dined here. Bro'r James has a very sore jaw or he would have come. 22, [SUNDAY] Snowed last night and very fast to day, Wind North and cold. Snowed till 3 o'clock in evening when it ceased, having fell about 5 inches on the old- I think the whole 14 or 15 inches deep- 23, Last night colder than any day before this winter. My father & I rode to Court there was not many people there- the day clear and still- Saw Ab'm Smith who said his waggon had not got home, which car'd G.T's Wheat. J.Taylor borrowed 3 Bus cleaned Wheat to send to mill. 24, Last night about as cold as the preceding- Clouds this morning, cleared about noon & fine afternoon. 25, Clear day and not so cold as yesterday. I was very unwell last night and all day since, headache and fever. 26, J.Taylor rode here, he gave me a letter of an old date from *George G.Taylor, and one from #Jonathan Taylor jr, they had been left at Co't house. J.Taylor returned before noon. Reuben Taylor came while he was here and dined with us- My father told him he gave him Daphne, a negro girl he has in his possession now and desired me to take notice of it, if he should not alter his will. [*George Gibson Taylor, eldest son of Edmund and Sarah (Stubbs) Taylor. PFT] [#Jonathan Taylor, son of Jonathan and Ann (Berry) Taylor. PFT] 27, J.Taylor and son and John Pendleton dined here- Cloudy or hazy all day but not very cold. Brought from the Barn_Wheat. Left for Overseer 21 Bushels. 28, Snow fell last night about an inch deep- snowed a little this morning, but not enough to make it perceivably deeper. 29, [SUNDAY] Cold and clear- We staid at home. 30, Very cold last night- Cloudy morning. About 10 o'clock began to Snow from North ward and snowed very fast till evening when it changed to hail and to rain at night. The Snow fell 3 or 4 Inches deep- but it grew warmer in the evening and thawed a little. Reuben Taylor had been at C.Taylor's for something for his children, who have the whooping cough, he called here in the Snow and got a bottle brandy & did not stay dinner- 31, Rained moderately last night- Cloudy and foggy morning. About noon cleared and fine evening- Capt Burnley brought 36 yards Cotton Cloth were for me at T.Mallory's, which one of his daughters brought to his house, it weighed 10 1/2 lb. Capt Burnley dined here- My father had the joints of his Bacon re-salted, some which had been dressed too fresh. From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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