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C. A. Hentz Medical Diary.

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[J E] 91

[#332 Series 8] Medical Journal

C. A. Hentz Quincy Florida 1858

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A medical Diary, wherein notes on the most interesting cases that occur are taken. Cases of daily occurrence, presenting nothing worthy of particular note, are not mentioned

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Medical Diary 1858

Monday Nov 1 Rainy day; wet weather for days past; clouds from S. E. mild, have had no frost yet Visited negro Tom; belonging to Mrs Jones 3 miles in country AET 10 Inflamm about base of brain; been sick since Oct 15 Symptoms inability to use left leg or arm arm drawn & stiff; parotids much swelled throat very sore voice squeaking Pupils of both eyes pulled to the extreme left; unable to straighten them vision unimpaired; intellect un impaired Pulse 140 tongue heavily coated Second cervical vertebra very tender on pressure Cupped him there freely; blistered first on mucha and alternately on the shaved occiput Keeping sore all the time with Basilicum Purged at first; put him on alt. doses Hydrarg c. creta with calomel ter die purge every day Tinct Veratrum every 3 hours; has been for days taking 10 drops thus Pulse reduced to 76 for days up to 108 now Had him on diet of gruel and mush for some days Ravenous

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2 He is better than he has been Sore throat & swelling of parotids gone Voice squeaking yet however, & some apparent difficulty in swallowing Eyes not so distorted Left pupil more improved than the right Tongue cleaner Bowels in good order Left arm drawn yet, but can straighten it, & use his fingers stiffly Continue Veratrum 4 or 5 grs Hydrarg c creta every night Keep blisters raw & bowels open with oil if necessary & give Re Quinine 5 grains Strychnine 1/8th gr Elix Vitriol 30 drops Water [ZVI] Teaspoonful ter die Give him chicken broth for diet with the gruel Tuesday Nov 2 Cleared off beautifully from S. W. not cold but bracingly cool Mr Madison Wilson convalescing from perineal abscess; been visiting him since Oct 24 Have used leeches freely 10 at one time & 4 at another Poultices constantly [Pil] Hydrarg grxii Ipecac grii at bed time for several nights Seidlitz next day

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