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nitro muriatic acid did finely with Campbell
got to gttxv ter die convalesced
Dec 2 Visited Jesse Gregory in company
with Dr Gee For 2 years has had dropsy
upper extremities & chest [thin] ascites large
anasarca of legs; eruption on legs; very painful
at night
Gee has been treating him for two years
hydragogue cathartics diuretics chalybeats
&c I recommended, with the diuretc treatment,
the use of iodine with the iron as follows
Re Cremor tartar [Ziii]; Sulphate Potass. [Ziss]; pulv
Squibbs [Ziv]; antim et potass. tart. gr iv a
teaspoonful 4 or 5 times daily also
Re Potass. Iodid. [Zii]; Ferri. iodid [Zi]; Iodine
gr vi; Extr Cicuta [Zi]; P. Gentian q.s. ft
pil 60; one 3 times daily; immed. after each [????l]
[Touch] liqs with 5 gr sol. nitr. silver &c &c
Miscarriage Mrs I. C. Jeffreys; 4 mos
gone; has miscarried frequently; [misc] & born
at full term 12 times prior to this aet 40 years
Has had flying pains since Monday
Was taken suddenly after supper; I found
her on the floor; foetus out, hanging by the

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