Status: Complete

of Parrish's camphor mixt occasionally
Nov 24 Mr Campbell took all the pills
but two 20 grs calomel in all Slight
symptoms of ptyalism stools unchanged
tongue somewhat cleaner & moister
Gave him 2 grs co. extr. colocynth every 3
hours & 10 grs Dover's powder at bed time
with hot pediluvium
Vomited an hour after Dov powder; freely
green acid matter; had a large & somewhat
looser stool of precisely same character
Gave him Re soda supercarb; Potass
sulph aa grv; morph. sulph gr 1/6
& placed blister of Brown's cantharidine
about 5 x 8 inches over right hypochondrium
Nov 25 Campbell rested well; feels
better; gave him quinine pills, with
little capsicum, in forenoon also
Re Soda super carb.; Potass. sulph. aa
)ii Pulv Doveri Hydr. c. creta aa )ss
Strychnine gr 1/4; P. around q.s.
make 12 doses one every 3 hours
Clear, bright day

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