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Poor Gee got worse, & died under all our care
on the 24th at 4 oclock P.M.
much subsultus Dijections & urine passed
in bed; [for??r] fluid & gelatinous mucus
dark green Tongue constantly dry utterly
so pulse up to 132 & more Mind wan
dering coherent when addressed
Nov 23 William Campbell; just returned
from trip to Iowa, been exposed to
raw, wet, sleety weather there; has slept
in a close room too, with head near a
hot, coal stove, till it affected him seriously
Hasn't felt right for 3 weeks Stomach was
long time sour & digestion bad; has had
diarroea for 6 or 8 days or so; Kept it in
check with laudanum &c till he got home
actions pale & clay colored pasty, in
odorous filled with small bubbles, size
of a [????] shot No pain anywhere
considerable fever yesterday Pulse slow, full hard
Re Pil Hydrarg 6 grs; Calomel 24 grs, Pulv
opium 3 grs, P. Ipecac 3 grs; p. arom
q. s. make 12 pills
one every 3 hours and a teaspoonful

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