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Nov 16th Tuesday; Cold & raw; cloudy
& drizzly Buried our infant, Josie who
died at New Port on the 14th
Nov 17th Wednesday Bright, clear, bracingly
Nov 18th Thursday Cloudy & cold
Nov 20 Called to see Sam Gee; Dr Jno
& Ch. A. Gee his brothers attending
Has had chills last Sunday, Tuesday
on Wednesday fever returned & has continued
since Exposed himself carelessly prior to
that time Has been sleepless
Has been well physicked cathartics
quinine, calomel &c
In a state tonight, apparently,
of excessive quininism (Tongue been utterly
dry all day & red) Will not speak nor
do anything asked spits everything put in mouth
pulse 112 wiry sharp edge to it
Tongue parched Large Blister [?????] over Epigasttrium
This state passed gradually off
in 5 or 6 hours Put him on Calomel
2 or 3 grs every 3 or 4 hours; with or without 1
or 2 grs Pulv Doveri; blister to mucha & over liver

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