Status: Complete

He is better than he has been Sore throat & swelling
of parotids gone Voice squeaking yet however,
& some apparent difficulty in swallowing
Eyes not so distorted Left pupil more
improved than the right Tongue cleaner
Bowels in good order Left arm drawn
yet, but can straighten it, & use his fingers
Continue Veratrum 4 or 5 grs Hydrarg c
creta every night Keep blisters raw &
bowels open with oil if necessary & give
Re Quinine 5 grains
Strychnine 1/8th gr
Elix Vitriol 30 drops
Water [ZVI]
Teaspoonful ter die
Give him chicken broth for diet with the gruel
Nov 2 Cleared off beautifully from S. W.
not cold but bracingly cool
Mr Madison Wilson convalescing from
perineal abscess; been visiting him since
Oct 24 Have used leeches freely 10 at
one time & 4 at another Poultices constantly
[Pil] Hydrarg grxii Ipecac grii at bed
time for several nights Seidlitz next day

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