folder 27: Medical and Agricultural Records of Charles A. Hentz, Obstetrical Record; 1849–1891




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C. A. Hentz - M. D.

Record of Obstetrical Cases


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Breech presentn case Footling 36 70 199 147 [???? twins] 250 376 342 405 374

Rupture of womb 43 64

Occlusion of vagina 154

Twins 27 Forceps 27 50 100 73 262 121 339 132 410 143 414 169 175 198 224 Cephalotomy 16 232 173 250 200 252 233 266 286 341 302 414 373 418 426 486 Spotaneous evolution 85

One case [Mrs Oberrendorff) (first [??shman]) gave birth to twins 3 times in her 2nd confinement & in her 3rd confinement and in her 6th confinement see case 143 see case 266

& I think she had twins again after moving north

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Obstetrical Cases

1 Mrs L. S. Thomas Port Jackson Fla. Eight months child some time dead natural labor June 19th 1849

2 Mrs Pritchard Cincinnati Ohio Walnut St between 3rd & 4th Primiparous child female labor natural Left occipito acetab April 15th 1850

3 Mrs William Murphy Cincinnati Ohio Water St between Race & Elm Second confinement child female delivered placenta May 8th 1850

4 Mrs John Mc [Giben] Cincinnati Ohio Water St between Race & Elm first confinement child female labor 10 hours left occipito acetab natural June 18th 1850

5 Mrs William Cunningham Cincinnati Ohio Kemble St West of John third confinement child female labor 2 1/2 hours left occipito acetab natural July 19th 1850

6 Mrs William Hallahan Cincinnati Ohio Broadway above abigail St first confinement child male; born dead on account of prolapse of cord labor 9 hours left occipito acetab Aug 30th 1850

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7 Mrs Muskill Cincinnati Ohio corner Ludlow & Symmes' St left occipito acetab; child female; labor 2 1/2 hours natural Sept 6th 1850

8 Mrs White Cincinnati Ohio corner Ludlow & Symmes' St labor natural one hour; seven months male Sept 12th 1850

9 Mrs John Sullivan Fulton Ohio First confinement; in labor about 85 hours; right shoulder presentn 2nd pos; [t????d] with her about 16 hours; child male born dead Sept 24th 1850

10 Mrs Patrick Crofton Cincinnati Ohio Congress St South Side; betn Lawrence & Pike First confinement left occipito acetab; rigid os uteri venesection & pulv Dover 24 hours child female; [trismens nasciutium] afterwards Oct 11th 1850

11 Mrs John Dyer Cincinnati Ohio corner Race & Water Third confinement; right occipito acetabular in labor 8 1/2 hours Large muscular woman eclampsia 3 hours after delivery more than 50 convulsions interesting case; recovered under vigorous treatment; repeated [of]; shaving head [eeches ice &c Stimulating enemata &c Fatuoua a long time after recovery Oct 30th `1850 12 Mrs McDermott Cincinnati Ohio Western [Row] between 3rd & 4th Right occip acetab child male labor nat; 5 hours Nov 2nd 1850

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13 Mrs Gill Cincinnati Ohio Butler St between Congress & Symmes First confinement; left occipito acetab labor 9 hours child male; firm fibre rigid os uteri used pulv Dovei March 1851

14 Mrs C C Kyle Ochesee Fla [Second] confinement delivered placenta Dec 2nd 1851

15 Negress Milly (belongs to Ruel [Yon] Ochesee Fla Eighth child right occipito sacro iliac detained 36 hours; child male born dead pains inefficient ergot inert Dec 5th 1851

16 Ochesse Fla Negress Eliza Benson belonging to Maj Coe First confinement left occipito acetab in labor 36 hours; redundance of liquor amnii pains inefficient; contracted pelvis; head impacted cephalotomy performed with pocket knife & [tooth] forceps child male very large Eclampsia 17 convulsions before, & 7 after delivery mother died 2 days after delivery Jan 16th 1853

17 Ochesee Fla Negress Carrie belonging to Chas R. Gregory fourth or fifth confinement; labor 10 or 12 hours pains inefficient ergot used successfully child female; left occip acetab July 2nd 1853 18 Mrs Chas R. Gregory Rock Bluff Fla abortion bet 2 & 3 months removed ovum entire July 25th 1853

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