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Appendix No. I -- Letter pasted between pages 18 and 19.

Cincinnati, Nov. 24th, 1833.

Dear Mother
You are not prepared, Caroline tells me, for the news
which I am going to give you. She likes to surprise people,
and I believe never informed you in such cases of the approaching
event. I will not keep you long in suspense, and
tell you at once that she gave birth the day before yesterday
to a most healthy and pretty young lady who gives already
great promise in every way. Caroline suffered only a few
hours and is already regaining her strength very fast. To
give you a proof of this I hear her now laughing with the
nurse about some witticism of Miss Caroline Theresa Hentz, that
is the name of the young lady. In one word mother and daughter
are as well as any one can be in such a circumstance. Charles,
Julia and Thaddeus are also in perfect health, particularly
Thaddeus who becomes more robustious every day, and consequently
a good deal more noisy -- But his loudest noise is really
music to our ears, as it reminds us of the first two years of
his life which were spent in such pains and debility. Charles
is becoming a very interesting companion to me. He reads very
fluently and to day spent two or three hours by my side
reading loud several chapters of "Harry & Lucy." He remembers
what he has read and evidently reflects upon it after. He
also displays an uncommon degree of taste for drawing, and
one of these days I shall send you some specimen of his

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