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of my heart vibrate -- and you are home -- could you know
how much I can love, and how much I do love, you might
perhaps understand better, some of my ways. I hope Elizabeth
is gaining strength again. She is a girl like whom you find
very few in the world. I often think of her, and it is
always with feelings of love and esteem for her virtues. Kiss
Charles upon one cheek, and Julia, the dear little bewitching
one upon the other and tell Master Thaddeus W. Harris Hentz,
that if he is a good boy, I will love him as much as Charles
& Julia. I will probably return to Hillsborough tomorrow,
as I had intended, even when I had intended even when I had
expected to have seen Mr J. Mebane. After that I will be
guided by circumstances, always naturally led to return to
the bosom of the sister of my heart -- and Charly & Julia &
Thaddeus. I write from here, because I should not have time
to do so in Hillsborough, and if I go, will escort so far, the
present scrawl.

Adieu dear Caroline, ever your faithful husband N.M.H."

This letter of father's illustrates, in its peculiar,
romantic style of expression something of the peculiarities
of his temperament, which was truly extraordinary. He was
of a very affectionate, kind disposition, but at the same
time, one of the most nervous, jealous, suspicious characters
that ever lived, I believe -- From the beginning of their
married life, my mother's happiness was contantly crossed

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