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be -- But he is a good boy, and is not mischievous. I would
not hear anyone say so -- I am a cross-grained one, but I am
sure you don't know how I love you all. I walked half the
way up to Hillsborough, and then took a seat with a colored
man, employed by them November, who had to return. I confess
that I was glad to ride then, as we started quite late, and
the sun was about to cast off his kindly veil of clouds. I
was not fatigued when I reached the little town, and immediately
purchased two whole suits, which I need, and the
tailor having taken my measure, I took a little nap of three
, and after dinner was as brisk and merry as a -------
a bee? no, as a June bug, and I buzzed about town until late;
I felt so much invigorated by my first Journey, that I thought
it my duty to continue nearly the same course, and I rode so
far as to see Mr. Mebane; but was disappointed, for he is
absent -- I will continue to move about as the wind drives
me; in pursuit of health, though not of pleasure; for I am not
where you are; indeed I could have returned to you immediately,
for all is tedious to me far from you and the little ones, but
it would have been wrong not to improve the opportunity of
gaining strength and health. The weather has been delightful,
and the breeze perfect; but this is a poor country, where not
one bug can be seen. I am glad you have Miss Dwight with you.
If you are happy in her company, how could I dislike her? But
you know I have always entertained feelings of love & respect
towards her. If you can get a paper, containing the proceedings
of the commencement, I should be glad if you would keep it till
I come home -- Oh- - home; that word makes all the chords

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