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consequence of a fall from the back of a chair; he had climbed
up a chair on which some member of the family was sitting,
who, not knowing the little fellar was there, got up and the
chair falling backwards, the baby had so violent a blow on
the back of the head, that concussion of the brain produced

My sister Julia Louisa was born in Chapel Hill, Oct 11th,
1828. My brother Thaddeus William Harris born in Chapel Hill,
Jan. 20th, 1830. My sister Caroline Theresa was born in
Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 22, 1833.

There is a circumstance connected with the record of
sister Callies birth in the old Family Bible, which I still
possess, that is incomprehensible to me. In the Bible the
entry is recorded in father's peculiar handwriting on Dec.
28th, 1833; whilst sister has an *Autograph letter of father's,
of which I have made a facsimile, written by him to grandmother.
Mrs. O. Whiting -- (her name was Orpah), dated on Nov. 24th,
telling of the birth of Caroline Theresa on the "day before
yesterday"; which was the 22d; this must certainly be the
correct date.

My father filled the chair of Modern Languages in the
University of Chapel Hill until the fall of 1830; when,
thinking that the prosperity of the institution was declining;
he sought other fields of labor. The college is still
flourishing however.

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*See pages 18 - 19.

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