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(April -- 1892) Over 65 years have passed since the
above letters were written; they possess a deep interest to me;
a sad and melancholy one, when it illustrates so vividly how
everything in this world passes away; mother was then 26 years
of age, & father 29. They were just beginning the journey of
life together, full of high hopes and roseate anticipations;
the fresh enjoyment of the incidents of travel is vividly expressed
in the animated description given of them. More than
25 years elapsed before mother again revisited the home of her
childhood, that she was now just leaving; my father never returned
there; when mother went back, only two members of the
home circle remained -- Aunt Maria & Uncle Solon were yet
there; both aged & venerable -- and now both, & all have long
since been laid away in their last resting places; and the old
homestead has long since passed into other hands. And my dear
mother & father have for 36 years been sleeping side by side
in the graveyard in Marianna Fla.; forever done with the experiences
of this life.

The letter is also interesting in giving an idea of the
slow & tedious manner of travel in those days, as compared with
the present; it was before the days of railroads, and days of
tedious delay & fatigue were consumed in accomplishing what is
now done in a few hours.

The little Marcellus -- my parents first born; their pet
& darling when the above was written, died in Chapel Hill on
July 14th, 1827; when I was not yet two months old; in

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