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be hurt on the journey; it is trimmed with an elegant ribbon --
pink and green, shaded into each other - I thought I could
not get them so well there -- We shall write as soon as we
arrive; but how long it will be before we hear from home.
Solon's letter was worth a thousand pounds. If Marcellus
could express his thoughts, what love he would send; he
misses, dear little soul, his grand-mother's nice dairy and
cradel. Present our affectionate remembrance to all our
Lancaster friends. I have no time to particularize now except
aunt Whiting and Sarah & I think of them all, many
times indeed -- To all at home unbounded love -- Farewell --

A postscript of father's to the above letter
"My dear mother and sister and brothers --

Thanks to the kindness of Providence, we are now in a
comfortable place, and we have passed the most unpleasant part
of our journey -- I trust, when once in Petersburg, the rest
will be pleasant. I feel very grateful to the directing hand, which
has saved us so far from the surrounding dangers on our
way. I thank brother Solon for his kind letter. I will write
to him from Chapel Hill, as I mentioned, giving him an account
of everything that interests you & us. My watch goes well. Do
not fail to thank Mrs. Cleveland for her letter to Mrs. Astley;
she actually loaded us with kindness and attention. I say
nothing of our journey Caroline has said more than I could.

I kiss you all. N.M. Hentz."

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