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more than all, the unremitting care & attention of an
affectionate husband -- it is this that cheers the soul through
exhausting fatigues of travel, and reconciles me to parting
with mother, sisters & brothers, a thousand times dearer since
this separation. Oh -- many a time, when passing through
unknown & dangerous scenes, every step of which carried me
farther from the scenes of my youth, has the rememberance of
that beloved home come like a sunbeam on the darkness of my
soul -- There is one thing that I have experienced as I have
advanced on my journey; the necessity of reconciling myself to
a longer separation than I anticipated when I bade you farewell;
the fatigue & danger and expense is such, that for nothing
else than seeing you all would I willingly encounter it --
We have now only about 250 miles to go, and when you next hear
from us I trust we shall be safe at Chapel Hill -- There were
a number of gentlemen, and a lady on board, and they all gave
a favorable account of that place, the society -- climate &c.
I wish my paper were three times as large. Mr Hentz wishes to
write, and I could write three times as much, and yet leave
much unsaid.

Do tell Mrs Cleveland of Mrs Astley's kind attentions --
it was to her, in the first place that we were indebted for
them. We rejoice in hers and Mrs. Sweitzer's convalescence --
There is one trifle I must not forget to tell you. I purchased
a very handsome Leghorn gypsey, & bobinet veil
in Phila. & it is boxed so nicely I do not think it will be

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