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perfect health & happiness - The portrait of the benevolent foundress of these institutions is placed in both houses, and there her name & memory are indeed hallowed - We purchased two beautiful pair of stockings for little Marcellus knit by the orphans, as a memorial of them - In the evening we accompanied Mrs. Astley to a party at Dr. Beasley's, to which we were invited as their friends - I felt no desire to attend, being a stranger, but Mrs. Astley seemed very desirous that we should go, and we certainly did not regret it - The ladies are very social, polite and refined, and most of them extremely handsome. I never saw so much beauty as in the Streets of Philadelphia - We passed the next day at Mrs. Lawrence's - *Louisa's friend - very pleasant; she does not see any company now; on account of the death of her mother, and invited us without ceremony; she has lost much of her vivacity, but is still a very pleasing woman; the next day was the last of our stay -, and we employed it in packing - Mr. H. as well as myself were much pleased in meeting Mr. Walker here, whom you, my dear Sophia, knew with us in Northhampton; he expresses unbounded gratitude to Mr. H. for introducing him here as his prospects are very flattering, and he has been introduced through him to men, whose assistance is of good assistance to him.

Mr. H. carried me to see all the curiosities of the city, and I wish I had time to describe some of them as they deserve the most admirable was the splendid picture

*Louisa -- his Sister in law -- wife to her brother Fabius.

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