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affectionate letter the knowledge of your being at home, and of *Henry's safe arrival. Our stay in Phila. was extremely pleasant; Mr. Hentz was there greeted by his scientific friends with great cordiality and politeness, among whom are some of the first men in the city - Mr. John Vaughan, and Mr. Duponceau; men whose names are well known; they both did me the honor to call & see me, which, from their very retired habits, was a great compliment - To Mrs. Astley we are under infinite obligations -; we were very much puzzled to find the place of her residence, as Mrs. Cleveland made a mistake in the name of the street; a friend of Mr. Hentz, however, gave him the name, and the letter was left; she called immediately with her daughter and invited us to take tea with us; came herself in the afternoon in her carriage & carried us all around the suburbs of the city, showing us most of the wonders & beauties of the place - We dined there the following Sunday, & accompanied her to church in the afternoon & evening; - the churches are more superb than any I ever saw; the decorations magnificent, and when illuminated by innumerable moonlight lamps, the effect is solemn & imposing; on Monday Mrs. Astley carried us to the Orphan's & Widow's Asylum; it was one of the most interesting scenes I ever witnessed - they are surrounded with every comfort, in fine houses, commanding the most delightful prospect - It is really a lovely sight to see 96 orphan children, presenting on their blooming and innocent faces a picture of

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