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[Vol 3 (Formerly Vol 7) [Hentz #332] Sheppard

Shepherds Den




Cincinnati [?]

Bot of J A & U P James

Nov 23rd 1849

C A H Cincinnati Ohio C A C C A H [G-332. Vol. 7]

"Deign on the passing world to cast thy eyes And pause awhile from letters to be [written] on my Slate by [B //] Jan 26th 1850

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"So bright the tear from Beauty's eye -One regrets one can't leisurely put one's hand into one's pocket, to pull out one's hand -Kerchief to wipe it dry"


Feb 8th 18[?]0 wrote to [???????]

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November 23d 1849 Cincinnati Ohio Office - Congress St.

Friday - Tho' an unlucky day for beginning any enterprise, I have blotted the first page of a new Journal upon it -from my previous experience in this daily dotting down of thoughts & events, I doubt not but that the augury which is connected with this unlucky day, will be verified in this instance -- I always was a poor hand at it the sad gaps in my old Journal testify to it but now as I have embarked in professional life in this great Queen city, & must acquire fixed habits of study, I may as well devote the last bit of time each passing day, before retiring, to filling up these pages. 'twill be interesting to me in after years to look over them.

I made the fire this morning, at 6 o'clock -- the big organ of St Philomena enlivening the cold & dirty task, with its deep, rich notes -- what a convenience the bell is, that wakes me every morning at 6, with its clanging peal -- we owe a good deal, John & I, to the devotion of these Dutch Catholics. We made fine coffee for breakfast -- left the kettle on the stove with but little water & it heated too much & sprung a leak. I wrote on the Great Index till after 9 --, then cleaned up the room, got a bucket of water from Mr GoForth's hydrant -& went out -- called on Mrs Bayless for a few minutes -a lovely little woman is she -- bless her -- called on Dr. Drake he is too unwell with his catarrh to lecture today or tomor row, borrowed Cloquet's anatomy from him -- called in at Mrs Sloo's to deliver Byrd's thimble which I had brot over the river -- Betty was there & wished me to call at 1 when I went over to Newport, for her to go along with me -- she went last night to hear Fanny Kemble read, & liked the reading much better than the woman -- Betty looked very pretty today. Byrd consulted me about her coughing up traces of blood -- she didn't wish to trouble Dr D--; from what she said, I thot. it might not come from the lungs, but upon subsequent consideration, think that it may, but hope it

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2 may stop in a few days. I feel much concern about her health -- she looks so frail --, alas that earth's fairest & brightest flowers should be so often the victims of this fell destroyer consumption -- God grant that it may not be so with her -- after Dr Bayless lecture on the bones of the arm & hand, I called at Mrs Sloo's for Betty -- they were going in to dinner -- so I dined with them -- we walked over under unbrellas for 'twas drizzling & so muddy --; my pupils spoke this afternoon -- the young Demosthenes --; one of them when repeating the line from "Lord Ullin's daughter", "my blood shall stain the heather", brandished his dexter superior extremely high aloft towards the ceiling -I listened awhile to the performance of the baud the portico Supped - secd from Betty 2 soles to carry to Byrd -conversed with Mrs Page about Hysterics -- I love to talk with her -- tis a treat. Our tea kettle leaks -- the manufacture of our coffee for breakfast tomorrow is a problem atical subject. It is 10 minutes & 30 seconds of 11 o'clock -- my eyes ache tonight -- so I stop earlier. Have just finished a letter to E. M. Skipper, begun [illegible - page torn] Journal I will go to bed.

November 24th Saturday - Another week's work done - John & [illegible - page torn] are winding it up by scribbling in our Journals -The rain, drizzle & mud of yesterday are substituted by a "middling" fair day & windy so that walk is less slushy as John graphically terms it - New [...] is a perfect quagmire of mud in wet weather - [h...] been over there today, or seen any of the folks over there I wrote till 10 1/2 o'clock & then cleaned up the room got a bucket of water, carried the tea kettle to a [tinker] to have its leak checked, & went to Dr Bayless [ture] -- on my way I stopped at the P.O., & [f...] Box No. 668 - got 3 letters -- two for myself

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3 & one for John, glorious all from Marianna if only one had come from Columbus too the letters were full of good & pleasant news, save that Thaddy has chills & is rather "down in the mouth" about it poor fellow, I'm sorry for him they don't make one "feel the best in the world" he must go to shooting turkeys, & get rid of them Julia wrote me a very sweet letter John's was from Wade with a P.S. from Cousin Alice to Jno & myself another for me was from my friend H. R. [Curtis] of S. Carolina, written to me to Fla., & forwarded by Julia I read them on the way to College & Jno & I had a good reading in the Hall there after the lecture Dr Bayless examined John's ear with a speculum I looked in & saw the ulcerated surface on the tympanum & the perforation I went round to Mrs McGuffey's to dinner they are very Kind Dr Drake is better I looked at their new Dag uerrotypes Mrs Campbell & Miss Bell Graham came in my "mentor" made present to me of a pair of boots & of shoes that were too small for him very kind in him indeed I went to the Dental College to see John at work, picked up a vial filled with a sol. of gutta percha in chloroform, made 3 or 4 deep inspirations, & ere I Knew it was fully under the influence of the anaesthetic I felt so glorius, laughed irresistably & immoderately, convulsively for some time Jno breathed it too Came round to my room began a letter to Bob Smith who shd come in but Toby Rich ardson very glad to see him I spent the remainder of the afternoon with him he gave me a list of books whch he wished me to bid for him tonight, at the sale of books damaged by the fire in Derby & Co's Fine Bookstore I went, but all sold at double what I was authorized to bid I went to the boat with him Saw a poor drayman run over by a dray & quite badly hurt Toby invited me to sup with him at a fine res taurant on Broadway, not far off we eat a very nice supper

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