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January '99.
818. at 1.30 to meet Father but
he was late - pleasant visit there.
left [care] at 3.45 - home at 6.30.
our road very bad. - [?] came
down early to telephone for the Dr. - John
Snowden taken suddenly very sick -
They are afraid of paralysis - In the
aft. the two Aunts went to [Mick] J[?] -
Georgie Webster Maury died in Charleston, S.C.

[left margin: Wedn. 18. Partly cloudy.]
Heard of John Snowden's death last night
at 10. so sad - to have such a family
of little children. We sent the telegram to his
brother. After [illegible] Father & Mother
went up there. Mrs. Chapin came down-
stairs first time for just six weeks. New-
man had to carry her up. In the afternoon
we heard of [illegible] the accident to Mr. Buck
[Child's] oldest son, Willie - 21 years old -
limb of a tree fell on him in the wood - crushed his skull, and he died in about 3 hours. Terrible. Father and I walked to the Briar to call - John Russell Young died.

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