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January 1899.

[left margin: Thurs. 12. Snowed, rained.]

Confused morning. Harriet came up
to get me to write a letter to Carrie, who is
at a Hosp. in Bath. Made Ma biscuit.
Mrs. Chapin not very bright. I sat a
while with her. Men cut ice - a mis-
take they didn't - In the aft. Mr. Prior
called to buy some wood. Felix troublesome
in the am - Dogs barked in the night.

[left margin: Fri. 13. Rained.]

Dismal days. I laid [?] late. Heard
in the morn. that Mr. Chapin was com-
ing and a little before 3 - he and Dr.
Keir [?] came, stayed till 5. had lunch
for them - encouraged with Mrs. Chaplin.
and gave her more liberty - we had early
supper - Finished one little centre [piece]
and commenced another.

[left margin: Sat. 14 - Rained, cleared.

F. & M. saw Mrs. C.]
Swept and cleaned. Ed went home with
Newman and Charlie to Washn. Grove. Geo.
to Brookeville. Rip. Dingley of Maine
died. In the afternoon Father and Aunt
Eliza went to Olney & Mrs. Buck with 'r [ ?] I
made good rolls for tea. in the eve. Agnes and
I ground cocoanut - never will again.

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