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January - 1899

art word. Man from Butcher Kane
came to see Father's cattle. Father came
for me in the afternoon - dear man
met in the cold and over the bad road
so many times - I appreciate it = got more
tired than usual with the station [?]

Sun. 8. Clear. Cloudy.
No one went to Meeting. expected Sis-
ter and Dr. Gruon [?] - They telephoned
they couldn't come. Father and Auntie
Brooke went to Hirnon [?] to dinner. Rich'd
at home over Sunday. I studied Mr.
Chopin. Read and wrote in the aft.

Mon. 9. Cloudy.

Blue Monday as usual - Agnes late - George here
to help drive the cattle over to Mr.
Huttons - Father sold ten of them to Mr.
Hobbs at 56 dollars a piece [?] - Cousin Charlie
Burke came to fix the rain [?] so good to have
plenty of water again - After dinner Father
took Aunt Edith home, and brought Mary
Strain back - called at the Briars on the
way down. Miss Nettie [?] died pneu-
monia. Sent clothes to Belle Borvic [?] to wash.
Washn. brought bird for Mr. Chapin.

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Very difficult to understand the writing.