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January. 1899.

[left margin: Sun. 1. Clear. Cold.]
New Years morning was bright, clear
and beautiful. Cousin Mary and
Charlie left right after breakfast.
Father and Mother were invited to Mr. Ed.
Gilpins to dine, but it was so cold. No
track broken thru' the snow, and so much
to tend at home they gave it out. Hot
water pipe froze and broke - No one here
all day. The stars were grand at
night. Arion, Sirious, Prueyors, Mars,
and what I suppose is the the sickle in Leo,
so brilliant, and different from the warm
soft summer constillations [constellations] that Mrs.
Pilling and I learned to watch and know.

[left margin: Mon. 2. Clear. Cold.]
The coldest morning this winter. The ther-
mometer 3 above here. But 10 below in Bleve.
9 at Della Brooke, and 6 at Brooke Meadow.
Agnes washed. George went home to visit for a
month, and Newman came in his place.
In the morn. Wm, I and Aunt Patti
called a few minutes after dinner. The
men were out in the woods. Ms. Joe Hort-
ton and Mr. Hiram Hobbs called to see
Father and the cattle. Quiet evening.
Jarvis children came to telephone for Ms. Diel.

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