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General Correspondence, 1988 August - December

Box 4, Folder 4 David C. Driskell Papers

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[Date is on the right-hand side] August 2, 1988

Ms. Barbara A. Hudson [black box here, presumably Ms. Hudson's address]

Dear Barbara:

I am sorry that it took so long for you to reach me here at the place in Maine. I have been here since late June and will remain through late August.

As regards the Porter paintings, I presented Bill Cosby with a list of the available ones last summer but he was not inclined to add any of those to his collection as he wanted works that he considered major. By now, it appears that the major works are no longer available but I shall inform other collectors of the availability of the ones you have. I think I have a still life of Porter's in which white chrysanthiums and red and violet asters are shown. I bought it many uears ago not knowing who it was.

I shall be pleased to serve in the capacity you requested in your recent letter, and as always have great respect for your untiring efforts in art. My number here is (207) 781 2655. I know that your work will go well. I am engaged in painting and trying to finish two other writing projects.

[on the right-hand side of page] Sincerely,

[on the left side]DCD/c [on the right side]David C. Driskell

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[Date is on the right side of page] August 2, 1988

Dr. Norrece T. Jones, Jr. [Address (presumably) is blacked out]

Dear Norrece:

Thank you for your letter of July 29 and the accompanying brochure which comments on the depth of your collection. I am pleased to be included in it. I am terribly sorry to hear of the accident you had with the frame on "Bahia Ribbons" but pleased to know that the work was not damaged.

I am hastening to get this note out to you as Thelma and I would be delighted to have you and Betty come out to visit with us. Will you be here overnight or going on the boat from Portland?. Do let us know. We took the boat to Nova Scotia the first year it started going from here and should go back some time in the near future.

Falmouth is only four miles from Portland. We could come for you and have lobster here at the house. Does that sound like a winner?

Thanks for the information on the painting. I have not kept the very best records on my own work so this helps a great deal. My number here is (207) 781 2655. You may call me or drop a line in the mail as we have time to hear from you. My best to Betty and we look forward to seeing you. Thanks for the payment.

[On the right side of page] Sincerely,

[On the left side] DCD/c [On the right side] David C. Driskell

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[On right side of the page] August 12, 1988

Mrs. Martha Severens:

I was delighted to read that you were at the Portland Museum of Art. It was my intention to write before now as we usually come up in late May. We weere [were ?] delayed this year as we were having work done on our house in Maryland.

I am writing as if you should remember me without question, but I hop that you will recall our meeting some years ago at the Gibbes. I have remained at Maryland, continued to curate shows around the country on Black American art; one went to Tokyo in September of last year and I am now working on [one ?] which features American and Brazilian artists of African ancestry that will open in Los Angeles (hopefully) next year.

My former classmate and colleague, Ellie Pavlof, told me that you purchased her house on Pine street, thus my being able to write you at home. It is a beautiful house and I know that you are going to enjoy it. Perhaps you and your family can come out to visit us next summer since we shall be returning to Maryland soon. But it would [be?] good to hear from you when you have a spare moment.

Congratulations on your appointment and I hope you enjoy the Portland area. We love it and are very proud of the museum.

[On right side of the page] Sincerely,

[On left side] DCD/c [On right side] David C. Driskell

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[Letterhead: SOM]

August 15, 1988

Ms. Mary E. Waller Accountant - Business Manager [redacted]

Dear Ms. Waller:

Enclosed please find selections from our firm's portfolio for your consideration, regarding the design of an academic facility in Georgia. I have also included some background on myself and Lawrence Doane, Design Partner. Additionally, I enclose two recent projects on which I have had major design responsibility.

After reviewing our work, if you are interested, we would look forward to providing additional informatin regarding the organizatin of the firm and the breadth of our experience.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your consideration.



Allison Williams Associate Partner



cc: Lawrence Doane General Partner

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