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The Ikula tribe at Eucla


In order to explain the ^principle of the class divisions I now give those of the Kamilaroi tribe ^for comparison which may serve for a typical example of the more advanced types.

Primary division Subdivision Totem
Kupathin Ipai Kangaroo, Opposum, Bandicoot
Dilbi Muri Emu, [Ca... snake], Black snakes
In a tribe in which there are the above divisions each man a (1) either a Kupathin or a Dilbi (2) if for instance a Kupathin he will be either Ipai or Kumbo (3) If Ipai or Kumbo he will be [gone?] of the animal names (totem) - thus say a man is a "Kangaroo" and Ipai he will then be also Kupachin. Similarly Dilbi may be Muri which will be also named after one of the totems given in the third column.

The marriage and descents in the ['Primary Division' crossed out] [Last?] Division are as follows) the totem marriages are omitted for simplicity

Male Marries children are
Ipai Kubitha Muri + matha
Kumbo Matha Kubi + Kubitha
Muri ['Kumbo' crossed out] Butha Ipiai + Ipatha
Kubi Ipiatha Kumbo + Butha
The analogy will be seen with the marriage of the Ikula tribes But there are anomalies which require to be [cu....ed] into.

No 13 In the above table the female name is formed by adding "[th...]" to the male name e.g. Ipai (man) Ipatha (woman) or Kumbo (man) (Kum) Butha (woman) In the last name the first [part?] of the male name is omitted. -

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Brothers sisters & cousins

F Elder Brother - Megan M Elder Brother Murrang Elder Sister - Aboru M Younger ['Brother' crossed out] Brother - Weoru F Younger Brother Megan M Younger sister - Aboru F Younger sister Murutam M Fathers brothers son Weoru or if elder Murrang F " " " Megan M " " daughter aboru F " " " aboru or if younger Murulam M Mothers sisters son Weoru F " " " Megan M " " daughter aboru F" " " aboru or Murutam if younger M Fathers sisters son durke F " " " durke M " " daughter durkean F " " " durkean M Mothers bothers son durke F " " " durke M " " daughter durkean F " " son durkean

As to the relation of cousins see below where the marriages of Yungaru and Witteru are take as examples.

No 1 Yungeru - Yungaru Wittaruan wittaruan Wittaru - Wittanian Wittaru - Wittarian

No 2 Yungeru - Yungerean Wittaman - Wittaru Wittaru - Wittaruan - Yungaru - Yungartan

No 1 shows the marriage & children of two Yungeru brothers. No 2 shows the marriage & children of a Yungeru man & his sister. Under female descent the children of Yungeru are always Wittaru & Wittaruan - therefore all the children of the Yungeru class should be regarded as class brothers & sisters and between them marriage is forbidden - while on the other hand under female descent the children of a man and his sister must be of different class names

[Left margin:] See note under Marital Relations

If the mother is older than her sister but if younger it would be "Murrang"

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