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through which their tribe carry in battle,
For instance a Mundoo blackfellow had
a ngia nglampe belonging to a tribe a little
distance up the Murray would be supplied
with the peculiar articles ^[?] manufactured
by the Mundoo tribe to carry this up ngia
nglampe who in exchange would
send things made by his tribe. p 82

The council of elders of the class is called
tendi. Each class has it tendi.
When a member of tendi dies the
surviving members select a suitable
man from the class to succeed him.
The council is presided over by the
Rupull of the class. This office is not
hereditary but elective in the council

All offenders are brought to this tribunal
for trial.

In case of slaying by a person or persons of one
class of members of another class in time of
peace the fellow classmen of the
murdered man will send to the friends
of the murderer and invite them to
bring him to trial before the united
tendies. If after inquiry he is found
to have committed the crime he will be
punished according to degree of guilt.

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