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After death
The spirits of deceased persons are believed to
descend from "Wyerie warre" and to walk the
earth; and that they are able to injure those
whom they dislike. Consequently men who have
been notorious in life for a domineering
and revengeful disposition are very much
dreaded after death.

[?] comes in the dead of night
when camp fire is low, like a rustling wind
scatters the embers and [robs?] some sleepers of
life; the deceased father of a boy ([known? ?] to
the [?]) is said to roam about armed
with a rope with which he catches people.

All [?] are 'afraid of seeing ghosts'.
[Namuyeri?] dread the disapprobation
of the deceased spirits: if a ^serious quarrel ['took' crossed out] takes place
between near relatives their friends
are sure to interfere x x but the spirits of
the dead should be offended at
unseemly disputes. The name of the dead
must not be mentioned until body decayed
but a want of sense should seem to be
[?] by the common or flippant
use of his name.

For the [ceremonie?] by which [corpse?] is supposed
to point out diseases which have caused his
death see p 20.

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