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Primary County: Davidson

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Purpose / Short Description: State objection to laying a new county from Davidson County

Text of Petition (drag lower right corner to enlarge box): We your Humble Petitioner do humbly assure your Worship
that we woud wish to do any thing that would promote
our country and the good of Individuals as far as we could
consistent with reason and equality between our fellow country-men
but where as there is a petition circulating with the intent of
laying of a county we your Humble Petitioners after
groaning some time hoping that our opponents would take ye
second thought but findind that they are still desirous
to carry their wishes into effect we are under the disagreeable
necessity of laying before your Worships our objections and
complaints and hope to be heard first we object to the
desired County for the following reasons Viz. first it
appears to us that a part of the County must consist
of a bed of Nobs which of course promisses no great things to
promte the publick nor many Individuals except it be for
range and secondly we object because we think that the publick
money laid out in building the necessary houses that would
be required would promise [illegible] as advantage to the [p blurred]
our third objection is we presume it would take much [blurred]
to open and prepare roads through such a broken part of the
Country and when they are open we presume they would prove
very disagreeable roads both to man and horse except for range
for our horses and fourthly we object because our opponents wish
to take of part of Davidson County to make out the desired spott
these are complaints we your Humble petitioners are about to lay
before your Worships and first part of us who have been for some
length of time in this Country have felt a willingness to cast
in our mites in order that our Davidson County might make the
appearance it is worthy of raising a brick building for our
superiers to serve us in Comfortable as well as other building
that our superiers thought convenient we are still willing to
exert our selves and discharge the last farthing of that expense
there is others of us that have more lately came to this Country
having cast our eyes around counting upon conveniences and
inconveniences have given high for lands for agreeableness &
of conveniency sake and also feel the same willingness to promote
the agreeable County that we now reside in - (Turn Over)

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