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May 1st 1857
Dear Bob
We received two letters from you
yesterday, one written when you were
in the woods, the weather is a little
better than it was, that is warmer, today
it is rainy, we are doing more business
in the nursery than we were – but now
right about home, so I do not have
any chance to distribute bugging bottles,
and every one is so busy here that we
can not get any thing for you, so you
must not expect us to. I shall skin
what birds and mice I can get but
I can not go out and hunt the birds
and dig up the mice myself, and
Major works very hard, he never has
a moment to spare. Uncle Flint is not
here, much of the time, and when
he is the boys keep him at work –
We have lots of work and [illegible: servicing? receiving?] to do
and almost every day company.
So you see how it is. I want to
help you and to get every thing for
you that I can – but it will not be much.
I am sorry that you are not getting
on better – with your collections.
We send a very pleasant letter from
Miss Fitch, she speaks of coming

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