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of enormous size, which are
worth from $5’00 to $25’00 here
in this state, I have a Black
Booby’s skin stuffed (shot here a
few days since) there are many
other bird here which are very rare.
The “Little Grebe” an expert diver, whose
beak resembles the common dung hill
fowl, and feet semi-webbed.
I have also an animal of the
Cat Kind resembling the “Puma”
whose skin I have stuffed
Please drop me a line, advising
the best mode of preserving skins
with Arsenic and the manner
of taking them off, especially birds
Address Dr. R. S. Hallock
Hamlin-Grove, Audubon Co,
Yours &c
R.S. Hallock
P.S. The pocket-gopher is the farmer’s [illegible]

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