The Grove National Historic landmark is honored to be organization that oversees the respected Kennicott family papers. Many of our records (including letters, memorandums and reports) are handwritten and in need of transcription. We believe that by transcribing these items, we will expose researchers and historians to a panoply of never before seen documentation. This project will provide us with the opportunity to make a significant impact on a large number of interested parties that we would otherwise be unable to reach. With your help, we can unlock this arcane area of history and reach individuals studying Illinois’ natural history, the history of Russian-America, America’s acquisition of Alaska and thousands of letters describing everyday life in 19th century America. In addition, Civil War researchers will be able to study our unread and unpublished collection of American Civil War letters from Kennicott family members serving with both the Union and the Confederate armies. Please help us unlock the Kennicott family’s story.


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