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Milwaukee Jan 13th 1857
Dear Sir
I would be glad to be with
you to-night, and help to organize an
institution devoted to the interests of the
study of nature, but must deny myself
that pleasure. Perhaps I shall be
able to meet with you occasionally
and to do something from time to
time to promote your laudable objects.
There are friends of science enough
in and about Chicago to keep such
an Institution in active operation; and
you have rich men enough to sustain
them by providing the necessary funds. ~
I hope the present effort will be
successful; and that hereafter we
may hear of your "Academy" taking
rank with the older Institutions of
our land. ~
Very truly yours
I.A. Lapham
R. Kennicott Esq

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This letter is signed by I. A. Lapham (Increase Allen Lapham).