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of the world that than do the scions of that noble race. It has been
truly said that a religion can only be rightly judged by the men &
women it produces. Accordingly I believe we are today being put
to the crucial test of positively demonstrating in free prosperous America our
deep appreciation of & love for that golden heritage of which we are given to us in trust to
the for the spritual Education & Enlightenment of the world mankind the
nations. If we are are can stand the best & rise to this
beautiful spiritual work that lies before us -- of universalizing
the Ideals of Isaiah, we shall be lifted to the stars by the
enlightened opinion of the world. If we fail we shall be
stamped branded as incapable, an effete weak & worn-
out race that has lost its vitality vigor & vitality & manly vigor & its
nourishing spirituality ideals strengthing. I am [ ] Being an optimist
by nature I cherish the hope that the youth of American Israel
will ultimately be be be stirred to the endless by to a sense of duty
by the favorable conditions under which we they are permitted to
live & the endless possibilities opportunities that are being
held out to us them waiting to be grasped. I trust this power of
appreciation applied particularly to the most fr l most fruitful
thoughts & the noblest ideas that can enter into the life of

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