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We cannot appreciate a beautiful painting without unless we try to do
some thinking & are broad enough & big enough to place our
name upon it in the light of justice & truth. de We can
only appreciate a noble Symphony or a noble mind if we when
we by calm thought try endeavor to give our own natures
beautiful & worthy expression. And [ ] do you know there is
a force that shines from a bighearted intelligent noble nature that is
as irresistible & pervasive as the very sunlight. Hence
I say that the power of intelligent appreciation is an accomplishment
of rare quality that is surely worth cultivating. The late Mr.
Gladstone frequently liked to emphasize the an appreciation
of the conversation which he called an art. Today I believe
it is a lost art. Polite converses as it was called, was
indulged in for a whole evening by intelligent people & it
was deemed a delightful way of spending an Evening among
choice spirits. What a contrast presents itself today. When
company is invited to our homes most of us think labor
a necessity people to provide such entertainment as will
obviate the very necessity of talking. In recalling his
boyhood days Mr. Gladstone speaks reenforces his opinion that every

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