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There is the appreciation of Character, of Talent, of Art, of Liter-
ature, of music, of great men & women, of good work done
in office, store or factory. In fact a little consideration
of this subject will bring us to the conclusion that it entered
into every conceivable phase of humanlife. There are
thousands of people of good repute & respectability that
will not or cannot see the worth or superiority of others &
[ ] who often maliciously or designedly if not maliciously place a wrong &or &
unjust value upon the life & work of others. This smallness
of men's natures & of women's too, is glaringly evident in
to those most of us. One singer will d subtly seek to
depreciate the work of any or the voice of another. One And the
Same may often truthfully be said of the business man, the Artist, the Doctor, the
Lawyer, the minister. And Frequently one store the our big Institutions
our Universities our Colleges & training Schools if they do
not actually delay the each other's merits of each other will refuse to recognize
any them in any positive manner. There are many
who cannot view the success of others in the business
or professional world without feeling a sense of chagrin or pain.
It is all a matter of Cultivating the right mental attitude

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