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Through the medium of music we see a picture of the inspired
s[ ] of Israel trying to awaken stir the heart of Saul to an
appreciation of the good things of life -- nature & its wonders
the power of goodness in the world, the gifts of man & its
uses to mankind, & lastly did he try to make him awaken in
him the young King ruler an appreciation of his own remarkable God-given
talents whereby with he could serve his own people. But
alas he did not succeed & the tragedy of Saul's
wasted talents warped & corroded through Prejudice
vanity & selfishness remains a warning to the world for
all time to come. Like Napoleon with his old guard
young Saul was surrounded by a band of youths of "brave
beauty & [brewing] stature". But he was untrue to faithless in his
massive task, untrue to his people & his friends.
And who does not know that an appreciation of friendship
is one of the C[ ]ing Jewels of life.? Indecision &
a woeful lack of appreciation regarding the time & estimates
& values of life killed his manhood. Once a brave
boy stainless & true giving promise of great thing & a
brilliant career, his life was became a Tra hopeless

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