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of our own natures & spiritual needs. And personally when I think of
the basic truth of this thought I am reminded of a conversation
I had yesterday with a gentleman regarding the death of a dear
friend who was taken away in the prime of life & in the midst
of a confusing multitude of activities. Said this gentleman to me
"What a pity that my friend died just when he was commencing
to live. That is the trouble with most of us. We commence
to live when we are when we are nearly on the brink of the grave dead. Similarly
Socrates many of us just begin to realize how fine a religion Judaism
is when sorrow invades their homes. Socrates & Luther, Spinoza
D'Acosta & others in the long gallery of ideal aspiring mortals, had
many moments of ecstacy, sacred moments, golden hours of
joy which a coarse sordid mind knows not of nor understands,
& often ridicules & possibly pities. But If anybody is to be
pitied it is he that have has never known any state but that
of dry cold sordid reasoning. If we would have moments
on the amount, we must toil up the hills rugged side.
In this age, the practical is overemphasized while the ideals
of life that illumine & refresh it are sadly neglected to our
hurt. Even the religious life or if you like the Church life

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