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disparity that we may almost readily judge our fellow citizens
by the pleasures in which they pursue. To some it means
nothing more than brutal self-indulgence, the a pandering to
the lower lusts & appetites, the realization of them a degraded nature.
To others it means the K innocent diversion, the Keenest
culture thoughts that can only emanate from a superior
type of man or woman. Recognizing the pitiful weaknesses
of most men Hugh Black that fascinating writer of Edinburgh
felt called upon was impelled to write a few thoughts on the Practice of Self
Culture whereby men may learn to live by cultivating a
few fragrant flowers in the garden of the human heart.
The Culture of the Imagination, the Culture of the mind, the
Culture of the Speech, the Culture of the Conscience -- are a few
of the topics treated of in the book I have mentioned. All
of them breathe the very freshness of a Spring morn, charming
illumanating, edifying
. When If we could stop the wheels for an instant will but
of its pause a moment & give ourselves time to breathe
in the midst of this world's great moving panorama
we shall not take long in coming to the conclusion that
we are not living in accordance with the deeper demands

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There are several instances where the letter "C" appears to be capitalized and I transcribed it as such. But I was uncertain if capitalization of the letter "C" was indeed warranted.