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more fervent on this evening that on any other occasion because
we feel the overwhelming power of the conscience {?} as
is - & are absolutely compelled to hold converse with it, though
many a man wonder willingly forfeit a few of the best years of
his life could he escape it's continual tappings.
Socrates is paid to have told hisdisciples that " the facts of
conscience cannot be reckoned with as certainly as the facts
of fire or wood or water." None could deny the
condemnation that weighed upon the soul of Herod the cruel
murdered or the approval of conscience that tranfigures
the face of the conscience- stricken criminal on the gallows.
For let us not forget while we are in a receptive mood
that true happiness can come only when we are at peace
with ourselves our record & our God. Not only our {Hebrew?} {?} all the great
men that have arisen in the world from {?} &
Sophocles to this present day have emphasized man's conscience
as the {divine?} oracle that ultimately compels man through death
be the conscience to confess his guilt to cast off the burden
which like {tons?} {?} render his life a living death.
We owe the great {?} & novelists a debt in that

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