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of even the vilest, of what use would be the atoning tears wrung
from the contrite heart & borne by the angel of pity to the throne
of grace. there to wash away the trace of sin in the waters of
repentance ? Take away the hope that atonement is open to man
& he loses half his dependance on God & his faith too - add
to that sweet hope the knowledge that the everlasting arms are ready
to support the sorrow free spirit & to pardon the most {banished?} of
sinners & where is the man so morally {abused?} & callous as to
lose this golden opportunity. The jew does not believe in
the fall but in the ascent of man & we believe too
that no man loves but has down in the very depths of his
being & some good to which this day calls aloud. Every
asperation, every high & holy impulse, every firm hope, every pure
thought & tender emotion which wells up in our souls is
surely an evidence of the good within and of {purity}?
that stamps us as superior beings for after all
in spite of all the { theories?} whatever we know of Divinity
is in the light of it that shines reflected from human souls,
out of the depths I call upon thee O God
& ask thee to listen to our cry - we are in {?}

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