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the field of human intellect, the intellect of the young. Hast thou
educated that intellect? Hast thou taught it better? Hast thou
eelevated it by instilling into it the [fine?] & lofty teachings of Judaism.
Which draws us ever neared to God? Hast thou bidden way
commanded thy children to attend the house of worship. Hast
thou bidden them perform their [--d?] duty to God & their fellowmen?
Hast thou improved thy hear & caused it to beat with noble
feelings & with enthusiasm for what is good & inspiring? Hast
thou sown in thy way smiles or tears, joy or sorrow, benevolence
or cruelty, love or hatred? How many of thy fellow creatures
hast though assisted how many consoled. How many hast thou raised
by gentle advice from the mire of degredation, the [slingh?] of
despair, the abomination of Vice? These and others are the
questionis whisphered into our ears by the Voice of Conscience.
How many of us could give satisfactory replies to these questions?
Indeed if Heavens judgment were as stern as earth's who
could stand in the presence of God & not tremble?
If the culprit who abuses that [--wine?} spark of intellect
and suffers here were also doomed to suffer hereafter.
Where would be the consoling [--ds?] that hallow the last hour

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