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said in effect that he came there not only to record express his
tearful sympathy for an illustrious downtrodden people, but
for also to register a plea for Common Justice that has
been denied them these many Centuries. The Christian
Church said he owes a debt to the Jewish people. It is a
reparation debt for its persecutions of them & for the Cruelties
and Crimes it has inflicted upon them. They have everywhere
been the victims of that accursed racial animosity
which still possesses the minds of men. In this his bitter hour
in this his starving & suffering hour, now is the time to pay it.
The debt is due, it is overdue & the payment should now be
made, & I appeal to my Christian fellow citizens in this
land to pay & discharge promptly & generously this reparation
debt to the Jew. And this apart from the tremendous debt
which our civilization owes to that marvellous minority
that has received invaluable service to in every sphere
of human thought from the very [ ] light of history down
the long ages until this very day when in which the
influence of the Jew in the commercial moral & spiritual progress of the world is a
factor that cannot be disregarded without violating

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