Minutes - 54




Status: Complete


acquire in order to more readily carry out the said proposed
timber contract the sum of $238,000 viz:

Southwestern Lumber Company $128000
Roganville Lumber Company $30000
Kirbyville Lumber Company $15000
Yellow Pine Tie and Timber Company $40000
Doucette and Chapman $25500
And whereas in dealing with the said John H Kirby thereafter on his
said proposition and in settling for the properties acquired by
said Houston Oil Company of Texas under same and in making
settlement between said Oil Company and Kirby the above several
matters have been considered embraced and allowed.

Therefore be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the Houston
Oil Company of Texas that said matters were properly con-
sidered embraced and allowed in making said settlements and
the action of the President of hte said Houston Oil Company of
Texas in so doing be and the same is hereby in all things
approved and ratified.

There being no further business upon motion the meeting adjourned.

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