[Letter from Doris Duren to Mr. and Mrs. Rigdon Edwards, May 22, 1944]


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May 22, 1944 Doris

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Edwards,

They did it again - the army - we were not allowed to stay at Dodge City. We were split up and sent all over the country. One of the girls from flight 2 and I are here at I.A.A.F. It isn't as bad as it could be, though. We fly BT-14's - North American Basic Trainers, They are like an AT-6 except they have a fixed gear and a H50 H.P. engine. They are a little harder to land because they are lighter. We do all types of flying except instruction of cadets - thank goodness for that. If there is no regular work we take a ship and get in some instrument time on work on slow rolls, etc.

We each have a private room in the nurse's quarters. We are treated as officers and every one has been swell to me. We have a grand bunch of officers to work with, but take a lot of good natured [ribbing?] from the instructors.

If there is no flying on week ends, we can take ships on cross-countries. Since my niece arrived the 11th of this month, I've flown up home the last two weeks, It's only 150 miles.

We had lunch with one of the [Col?], in the training command today and he said we are to be sent back to B-26 school as soon as they finish training the fellows. That gives us something to dream about anyway.

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We got in a lot of time here anyway. I've logged 30 hours in 2 1/2 weeks. When we go up together, the one in the front seat loggs the time, so really I've been in the air about 50 hours. I want to thank you for being so swell to me and to my family when we were there. Please write and let me know how things are going at avenger. Sincerely Doris Duren

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title.officialtitle: [Letter from Doris Duren to Mr. and Mrs. Rigdon Edwards, May 22, 1944]

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creator: Duren, Doris

contributor: Edwards, Rigdon, Jr.

date: 1944-05-22

language: eng

description.content: Letter from Doris Duren to Mr. and Mrs. Rigdon Edwards discussing how the U.S. Army split up she and a group of other female pilots. She mentions that they fly BT-14 planes, give instruction to flight cadets, and are supposed to be trained to fly B-26 planes soon. At the top left of the first page, there is a small, printed illustration of the WASP mascot, Fifinella

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