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Year: 1957

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DateUndertakerIntermentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Dec. 23Edward J. RobesonNo Box Interment2:30 p.m.Alberta Thomas - 329 Bristol St., Bklyn.$352720G
Dec. 24Ionez JeffersonnBoxed Interment8:30 a.m.Joseph Lee - 314 W 115 St.$402814G
Dec. 26Joseph Mahood, Jr.Baby no box1:30-2 p.m.Dennis Stewart - 73 Spencer St. Bklyn.3 ft.; special$14610E
Dec. 27McMillan & HawkinsNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Melvia P. Broady also Gloria Brown - 106 W 83 St$352629G
Dec. 28Unity Funeral Home, Inc.No Box Interment3:00 p.m.Robert Rivers - 150 West 124 Street$35293G
Dec. 28Marcus JacksonNo Box Interment11:00 a.m.Charles Dargin - 223 East 3rd Street$3526G
Dec. 27Rodney Dade, Inc.No Box Interment3:30 p.m.Bessie Powell - 161 W 140 St$35G
Dec. 27Peter J. LanceBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.David Dowdy - 1610 Amsterdam Ave.$40
Dec. 28McMillan & HawkinsNo Box Interment1:00 p.m.Lenora Miller - 675 Quincy St., Bklyn.$352721G
Dec. 28Davud M. Jaudon, Inc.Re-opening12:30 p.m.Augustus Howard - 2053 Eighth Ave.cer: Bessie Howard (Dec) - same3rd Int.; aff to inter' (2423)$402434D
Dec. 28George L. JonesBoxed Interment12 noonDavid Everett - 110 Edgecombe Ave.$402721G
Dec. 30Harry C. SeaseSingle Grave10:45 a.m.Victoria Singleton - 59 East 118 Street$1252354D
Dec. 31George S. FulcherBoxed Interment1:30 p.m.Mary Keaton - 1790 Madison Ave.cer: Harru C. Sease - 239 West 131 Street(3064); 6/18/64$402722G
Dec. 28Butler Funeral HomeNo Box Interment2:45 p.m.Frank Williams - 216 West 140 St.$352721G
Dec. 30Butler Funeral HomeBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Paralee Watson - 70 East 120 St.$402630G
Dec. 30Trumbo Funeral HomeNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Bessie Woods - 376 Madison St. NYC$35293G

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