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Year: 1957

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DateUndertakerIntermentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Dec. 13Perkins Memorial ChapelRe-opening11:30 a.m.Geraldine A. Meadows - 772 Uniondale Place, Uniondale, NYcer: Ada Govan (Dec) - 7722 Dale Place, Uniondale ,NY3rd & Final : (260)$40548E
Dec. 14Calvin P. ParkerBoxed Interment12 noonLouise Studivant - 10 Putnam Ave., Bklyn.1 1/2 ft$402719G
Dec. 14David M. Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.Maggie Shine - 6 West 138 Street$402719G
Dec. 13Russell's Funeral HomeBaby box12:30 p.m.Diana M. Crawford - 1760 Watson Ave., Bronx$9Ripped
Dec. 14Philip CalawayNo Box Interment11 a.m.Margaret Pack - 204 Atkins Ave., Bklyn.$35Ripped
Dec. 16Rodney Dade, Inc.No Box Interment11:30 a.m.Arthur Browning - 111 W 137 St.$35Ripped
Dec. 16William H. Wallace, Jr.No Box Interment3:30 p.m.Walter Wythe - 2037 Second St. Coney Island$35Ripped
Dec. 17Kenneth E. Billups, Sr.Single Grave11:00 a.m.....Jackson , 100 Barker St., SItop; tent$8, $125RippedBottom of page ripped off; can't read anymore
Dec. 16Peter J. LanceNo Box Interment1:30-2 p.m.Moses Freeman - 270 W 153 St.$35291G
Dec. 14George L. JonesNo Box Intermentp.m.Richard Reavis - 188 W 137 St$352719G
Dec. 16David Jaudon, Inc.Baby no box1 p.m.Sabrina Bennett (f) - 15 W 91st St.3 ft.$16142Ripped
Dec. 16George L. JonesBaby no box12:30 p.m.Linda Darby - 72 W 134 ST.2 ft.$12Ripped
Dec. 17Levy & DelaneyNo Box Interment3 p.m.Louise Dorsey - 313 W 145 St.$35Ripped
Dec. 17Chambers Funeral HomeBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Mattie Perkerson - 196 Broadway, SI NY$40Ripped
Dec. 18David Jaudon, Inc.Single Grave10:00 a.m.Sadie Simmons -- 264 W 144 Stcer: Anna Williams - 330 Lenox Ave.(3062)$125Ripped
Dec. 18David Jaudon, Inc.No Box Interment2 p.m.William WIlliams - 51 W ....Paid in full 12/28/57$35RippedUnreadable; torn

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