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Year: 1954

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DateUndertakerIntermentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Mar. 15George L. JonesBoxed Interment1 p.m.William Addison - 2797 8th Ave.$301325G
Mar. 19Ernest ReidNo Box Interment12:30 p.m.Carl Arthur - 134 W 139 St$251223G
Mar. 18Theodore E. ScrivenNo Box Interment2:30-3 p.m.Charles Webb - 519 E 117 St., NYC$251223G
Mar. 18Merritt GreeneBaby Grave11 a.m.Denice Manning - 619 Throop Ave, Bklyn.2'6"$101820H
Mar. 17George L. JonesNo Box Interment2:30 p.m.George H. Brown - 226 W 126 St.$251827G
Mar. 18George L. JonesBoxed Interment11-11:30 a.m.Victoria Gaither - 10 W 128 St.$301827G
Mar. 19Trumbo Funeral HomeNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Lucy Minus - 115 E 100th St.$251223G
Mar. 19Richard J. KingBoxed Interment3 p.m.Ozella Albert (f) - 1433 Dean St., Bklyn.$301223G
Mar. 18William S. RossNo Box Interment1 p.m.Henry Neal - 2053 5th Ave.$251223G
Mar. 20Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Ida Williams - 270 St. Nicholas Ave.,cer: Billie Covan - 270 St. Nicholas Ave.(2660); ck ret. ; pd 3/26/54$873244D
Mar. 20Russell's Funeral HomeBoxed Interment1:30-2 p.m.James MacNorton - 658 Teasdale Place, Bx.$301326G
Mar. 20S. McMillan, Inc.No Box Interment1 p.m.Beatrice Williams - 140 W 130 St.$251326G
Mar. 24Marcus JacksonNo Box IntermentThomas Nixon - 2841 8th Ave.$251326G
Mar. 23M.A. Daniels & Sons, Inc.Boxed Interment3 p.m.Robert Hawkins = 66 W 118 St.$301326G
Mar. 23William S. RossNo Box Interment12'12:30 p.m.Bessie Ingram- 181 81st St., Rockaway Beach, NY$251326G
Mar. 25Peter J. LanceNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Charles Ambrose Dell - 271 W 113 St.$251828G
Mar. 25S. McMillan, Inc.Baby Grave1 p.m.Steven Jones - 61 W 98 St.3'6"$141713H
Mar. 26Juanita BuieNo Box Interment11 a.m.George E. Hunter - 272 Manhattan Ave.$251828G

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