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DateUndertakerIntermentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
July 6Turner Funeral HomeBoxed Int.3:30 p.mHattie Johnson11 E. 115 St.9022$27 p2827H9022-Johnson, 9023-Wilson, Susan Hester share the same R-28, G-27, Sec-H numbers
July 6David M. JaudonBoxed Int.10:30 a.m.Olivia Wilson2902 8th Ave.9023, 5' 5 1/2 "$27 p2827H* see note at 9022
July 6Thomas A. WarnerNo Box Int.11 a.m.Susan Hester53 St.$19 p2827H*There are no client ceremony numbers after 9023 -Wilson and 9029- Senius Brandon: Susan Hester shares the same R, G, Sec numbers as 9022-Johnson, 9023-Wilson
July 10David M. Jaudon, Inc.Single Grave11:30 a.m.Lucille Davis144 W. 144 St.$79 p226D* no client ceremony numbers entered on ledger.
July 6George L. JonesMorgue Box11 a.m.Felix Stewart262 W. 133 St.$19 p2948H* no client ceremony numbers entered on ledger
July 6George L. JonesBoxed Int.4:30 p.m.Elizabeth Scott560 W. 126 St.$27 p2716H* no client ceremony numbers entered on ledger
July 8J. Sherrington JeffersRe-opening12:30 p.m.Victor Farrell622 Park Ave.-Bklyn3' 6"- 4 ft, 2nd, (196-F) Cer: Ida Nicholas (Dec)- 61 Sumner Ave.-Bklyn$35 p1112"F"* no client ceremony numbers entered on ledger
July 8David M. Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Int.11:30 a.m.Leroy Ward530 St. Pauls Place-Bx$27 p2716H* no client ceremony numbers entered on ledger
July 11Howard D. McGillSingle Grave3:15 p.m.Senius Brandon301 W. 151 St.9029, Cer : Rosa Phillips - 301 W. 151 St.$79ceremony cancelled written on ledger - no R, G, Sec, no payment of $79 noted. : Senius Brandon, Joseph Banks, Clarence Snead, Howard McDaniel share the same R-27, G-16, Sec-H information
July 10George L. JonesBoxed Int.1 p.m.Joseph Banks202 W. 134 St.$27 p2716H* no client ceremony numbers written on ledger: see note at Senius Brandon
July 14Perkins Memorial ChapelRe-opening3 p.m.Viola Hines14 Morningside Ave.2nd int, (1025) Cer: Viola Hines (Dec.) 14 Morningside Ave.$35 p557E* no client ceremony numbers for 1st internment written on ledger
July 13Rodney Dade, Inc.Plot Opening4 p.m.Bessie E. Dade2332 7th Ave.no receipt by order of B/e ; Decd : Rodney Dade 2332 7th Ave.$35 -2575Sub B, Sec. C*No ceremony internment numbers : No charge for Mr. Dade, one of the founders of Frederick Douglas Memorial Park.
July 13Thomas A. WarnerMorgue Box1 p.m.Clarence Snead55 W. 115 St.$19 p2716H* no client ceremony numbers entered on ledger: see note at Serius Brandon
July 12William S. RossNo Box Int.3 p.m.Howard McDaniel220 W. 138 St.$19 p2716H* no client ceremony numbers written on ledger: see note at Serius Brandon
July 14Wainwright + SonOpening1:30 p.m.Mitchell Logan371 W.120 St.1st, (198) Cer: Bertha Anderson - 371W.120 St.$35 p483E* no client ceremony numbers written on ledger
July 13L. Audrey WardStillborn11:45 a.m.(Female {Lurie?} Brown279 W. 119 St$5 p1915Hat internment time 4 p.m. crossed out and replaced with 11:45 a.m. *No ceremony numbers written on ledger

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Mr. Rodney Dade was a long respected Funeral Director who owned Rodney Dade Funeral Home, Inc., in New York City.
Frederick Douglas Memorial Park was founded during the depression years by Rodney Dade, who envisioned a burial park where people of color could be buried with dignity.
In 1933 he established a business partnership with Benjamin Diamond and Attorney Frederick Bunn and incorporated Frederick Douglas Memorial Park. Dade selected the name of the burial park to honor Douglas and all that he did. He established a monument to Douglas on the grounds near the park's entrance gates.
The park has had a few receivorships since the founders passing's and is now managed by Patricia Willis, CEO of the non-profit organization "Friends of Frederick Douglas Memorial Park, Inc.
Willis also set the course for the park's historical documents to be digitized.
Rodney Dade rests peacefully at Frederick Douglas Memorial Park.