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25th Revd G Trowes conducted Service
11 pupils

26th Mr Green General Superintendent
of Newington Asylum sent a girl
Harriet Dingwell asking that she
may be received.
Matron & Teacher out for the afternoon

27th Mr Fletcher conducted morng service
Sisters Bibby Vosper & Coulter
afternoon Service
Matron & Officers out to their usual services

28th Harriet Dingwell Suffers very constantly
from fits and has created great
disturbances amongst the Inmates,
in consequence, the Matron therefore
wrote to Mr Green asking him to
have her removed as the work could
not be attended to properly with the
dread of the girl's fits coming on
when she would rush away and
do all kinds of damage. The women
refused to sleep in the same room
with her. Mr Stephens Dentist called and
took out teeth for several
of the Inmates.
11 pupils

29th Ladies Sub Committee
The Laundress gave notice to leave
She goes home in the Austral.
Florrie Jones asked to go to her Sister.
The Committee instructed the Matron
to write asking her Sister to come to
see them next Tuesday.
11 pupils
[Indecipherable word deleted]

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